Bill Lewis Outdoors announced the re-hire of Richard Broadwell to be its national sales manager, responsible for coordinating sales with reps and accounts nationwide.

Broadwell worked with Bill Lewis Outdoors as the sales manager for over a decade through the 90’s and left in 2002 to pursue other opportunities. He has over 16 years of sales and operations experience and 19 years of accounting experience in petrochemical, property management, manufacturing and health & wellness industries.

“We are extremely fortunate to be able to have Richard back and again formally promoting the growth of our brand. But, truthfully, Richard never really stopped promoting Rat-L-Trap, “said Wes Higgins, Bill Lewis Outdoors, president.  He’s a great fisherman, and he throws a Trap with as much confidence as anyone I know.

“Since my very early childhood, fishing has been a major part of my life,” said Broadwell. To have the opportunity to return to Bill Lewis Outdoors, work with Wes Higgins and his dedicated staff, and be responsible for the national sales of the best and most recognized lure in the country is a dream come true for me!”