Arena Football League (AFL) announced it will continue to use Brain Sentry head-impact sensors for all players as part of their landmark concussion safety protocol.

“We are honored to continue to provide our devices to the athletes who provide so much enjoyment to AFL fans,” said Greg Merril, co-founder and CEO, Brain Sentry. “The successful use of this technology by the AFL, provides great opportunity for youth football organizations to learn about the value sensors provide in helping to manage concussion risk.”

“The health and safety of our players is our highest priority,” AFL Commissioner Scott C. Butera said. “Our partnership with Brain Sentry allows the League to be on the cutting edge of concussion research, protocol, and management.”

According to Merril, an essential part of the company’s success has been the development of head impact monitoring subscription service that includes the simple-to-use sensor technology. Subscribers get replacement sensors each season, and with the advanced power management technology the sensor battery never needs to be recharged, and the sensor automatically turns itself on and off when it detects motion.

Merril added that a significant additional value of the subscription service is that Brain Sentry’s researchers and engineers are constantly working to improve the usability and injury prediction capability of the sensor and Brain Sentry’s customers get the benefit of the improvements when they become available.

Brain Sentry’s sensors estimate direction, peak acceleration, and duration of impacts as experienced at the center (CG) of the head. Brain Sentry’s sensor technology includes a triaxial accelerometer technology originally developed and patented at The Johns Hopkins University. The sensor is capable of measuring head acceleration from any direction. Helmets provide varying levels of impact protection depending on the direction of the hit. Brain Sentry’s proprietary, DAS technology (Directionally Adaptive Sensing) is designed to provide a consistent alert level – independent of hit direction or helmet type.

The compact sensors weigh under two ounces, are waterproof and the batteries last all year without charging, meaning no maintenance by the athletes or staff. Brain Sentry sensors are made in the U.S. and easily affix to the outside of the helmet (on the back).