Boot Barn Holdings Inc. acquired certain assets of G.&L. Clothing, Inc., an individually-owned retailer operating one store in Des Moines in Iowa. As part of the transaction, Boot Barn purchased inventory, entered into a new lease with the store’s landlord and offered employment to the G.&L. Clothing team. Boot Barn funded the acquisition from cash on hand.

Jim Conroy, chief executive officer, commented, “G.&L. Clothing has a strong legacy in Des Moines that dates back several decades. With this acquisition, we will increase the Boot Barn store footprint in Iowa, a strong western and work wear market. I would like to commend the Marcovis family for building such a strong business based on world class customer service and thank them for their assistance during the transition period.”

Frank Marcovis, an owner of G.&L. Clothing who will be joining the Boot Barn family, said, “We want to thank our team for providing excellent service to our customers during the last 38 years, while continuing to uphold the G.&L. Clothing legacy since its opening over a century ago. We are excited to have G.&L. Clothing join the Boot Barn family, and look forward to watching it grow under the leadership of the leading western and work retailer in the country.”

Including the addition of the G.&.L Clothing store, Boot Barn now operates 242 stores in 33 states.