Body Glove International and American Wave Machines, Inc., a wave technology innovation company, partnered to create Body Glove Waves surfing machines.

Body Glove said Body Glove Waves is a strategic addition to the brand allowing Body Glove to deliver its passion for surfing to its famed wetsuits, swimwear, clothing, footwear, accessories and water sports team events. Whether at a waterpark, surf park, hotel/resort, or an innovative retailer, Body Glove Waves uniquely creates waves of varying types and sizes in small spaces. These waves are safe enough for novices or challenging enough for competition.

“Spreading our passion for surfing to people across the globe is our long term goal,” said Robbie Meistrell, CEO of Body Glove International, LLC. “Surfing is so core to what we do and who we are. We knew we had to provide the absolute best, most authentic experience possible. By joining forces with AWM – a Southern California company with a long surfing heritage much like ours – we’re that much closer to reaching that goal.”

AWM is the powerhouse creator of the SurfStream® and PerfectSwell™ machines, which are found in surf parks, resorts and waterparks around the world. These machines provide a deep cushion of water that can be carved using real surfboards, fins and all. The rider can translate those skills directly to oceans and rivers.

“Growing up surfing in Manhattan Beach like Billy and Robbie Meistrell, I spent many hours studying the waves and making my own boards, learning how to judge wave quality and get a good ride,” said Bruce McFarland, CEO of American Wave Machines. “For the past 20 years my company has worked to engineer and improve hydrodynamics, with the result being the ultimate standing wave machine. This is an incredibly exciting time for AWM and for Body Glove as well.”

“Competitive surfers like Lauren McLean, Elijah Mack and Ian Bloch have surfed on our machines and love them. These pros understand the potential of this kind of wave.” said Meistrell. “The current Body Glove Waves is a fun ride and its modular design lends itself to continuous upgrades and innovation, which is a tribute to AWM’s engineering prowess. When you ride Body Glove Waves in any part of the world you’ll have an experience so real you will have found your passion.”

Body Glove Waves buyers will realize immediate return on investment by tapping into the Body Glove brand to provide surf lessons, surf clinics/refreshers, retail merchandise, contests and competitions as additional sources of revenue.