Badfish Stand Up Paddle has chosen Boardworks to manufacture and distribute their River specific SUP boards worldwide.

We are extremely excited about this news, commented Phillip Rainey of Boardworks.  Badfish represents the ultimate in cutting edge designs for the growing sport of river SUP.
Mike Harvey and Zack Hughes, co-owners of Badfish, bring a high level of expertise to the table in their board designs. Since 2000, Mike has been working with Recreation Engineering and Planning (the countrys leader in whitewater park design) to design and build whitewater parks all over North America ( Mike was the Project Manager for planning, design and construction of the first two river surfing specific, standing waves in the US, in the Salida Whitewater Park in 2010, providing Badfish with the ultimate advanced river surfing laboratory.

Zack Hughes, born and raised in San Diego has been surfing and skateboarding since the days when mullets and Trans-Ams were cool.  Drawn to Colorado and later Honduras to be a whitewater rafting guide, Zack quickly became one of the top freestyle kayakers in the golden years of the mid-90s.  With his surfing background and kayaking expertise, Zack, who Zack just won the Triple Crown SUP Title at the 2011 FIBArk River Festival, shapes boards that are completely relevant to the new sport of whitewater SUP.
Badfish is incredibly humbled and honored to become the newest member of the Boardworks team.  Badfish takes its job of staying on the leading edge of river SUP paddling very seriously.  We understand that we have the dual responsibility of constantly improving SUP boards for river-based paddlers and also promoting river SUP to existing paddlers and new users alike. As long time surfers and kayakers Badfish is passionate about the new direction that SUP is taking river paddle sports. Boardworks has the experience, technical now how and sales team to service dealers and customer needs while helping Badfish build durable, high end SUP boards and products.  As new kids on the block, in a new and developing sport, Badfish looks to the Boardworks team not just as partners in our growth, but as mentors as well. The whole Boardworks family is as enthusiastic as we are about promoting SUP as a fun and accessible means for people to explore moving water.  We think this partnership will be a win-win for Badfish, Boardworks, dealers and consumers as well, comments Mike Harvey.