SGB talked to Boa VP of Marketing Scott Mavis about the company’s new logo and tagging as well as its first major consumer-driven push.

Writer: Thomas J. Ryan

In 2001, Gary Hammerslag came up with the idea of replacing traditional shoelaces in snowboard boots with a faster, more convenient method of lacing up. The Boa System, consisting of configured dials, laces, and guides to ensure a precise fit every time, was born.

Working with its branded partners, Boa has since amassed over 83 million closure and adjustment solutions in products across golf, athletic, snow sports, outdoor, cycling, utility and medical areas. But like many other ingredient-brands (Gore, Vibram, Ortholite, etc.) have in the past, Boa finds itself as a brand largely cherished by insiders and seeking out much wider crop of brand advocates.

As part of its first major consumer-driven push, Boa in February launched a new corporate branding and visual identity with a goal of increasing brand awareness. A heavy focus will be placed on consumer marketing and education with a new consumer-focused website also unveiled.

Here, SGB talked to Boa’s VP of marketing, Scott Mavis, about the changes.

SGB: Why the revamp?
SM: We recognized that Boa needed to begin developing better communication assets from a B2C standpoint, and not just B2B as had taken place in the past. So it was really a holistic approach to a new Boa branding package that was inclusive of consumer category audience definition, category-specific brand and product messaging, an entirely new visual identity system, as well as an updated logo and tagline.

SGB: What inspired the new logo and tagline?
SM: We wanted a new logo identity that more appropriately spoke to The Boa System as a whole, which consists of dials, laces, and guides, and not just the dial. In terms of the tagline development of Fit To Go Further, we were looking to create an aspirational and emotional connection with the brand and our products rather than purely a functional tagline, such as our old slogan, the Boa Closure System.

SGB: How have you traditionally gotten Boa’s message out?
SM: Much of our communication tactics in the past were focused from a B2B standpoint, so our future mix is definitely shifting to more consumer education and awareness building through traditional media, social, retail education, influencer programs, PR and consumer event activations. Over the past year and a half, our internal marketing team has been ramping up for these strategy changes, which included the addition of several key specialists within the department.

SGB: What’s unique about the new consumer website?
SM: As an ingredient brand, our brand partners are paramount to the Boa conversation, but we really wanted to focus our energies on effectively communicating directly with end-consumers in a more meaningful and relevant way within their particular category of Boa-powered products.  With more streamlined navigation, increased product communication surrounding the benefits of our purpose-built product platforms, case studies showcasing collaborative Boa Fit Lab development with our brand partners and direct links to our brand partners’ Boa-powered products, we have more effectively given consumers the content and information that they need to make more informed purchase decisions. We are also in the process of launching localized versions of the website in eight languages so consumers will be able to view brands and products that are available in their region.

SGB: In what activities has Boa gained the most traction?
SM: We’ve seen significant adoption and consumer acceptance in the likes of snowboarding, cycling, golf, hiking, utility, medical and more. Certainly, we have seen pockets of exceptional Boa adoption regionally, such as golf and hiking in Asia, utility and safety footwear in Europe and snowboarding in North America. As we look to support the launch of more run and athletic products in the coming months, we’re excited about the opportunity to help improve people’s fit experience in those categories as well.

SGB: Can you share any exciting launches for 2017?
SM: As in ingredient brand, confidentiality is paramount for our brand partners development and product launches. But stayed tuned because there are a lot of great things coming on the very near horizon!

Photo and video courtesy Boa