Photo courtesy of Laird Apparel 

Laird Hamilton, big-wave surfer, renowned waterman and expert fitness personality, announced the launch of his Laird Apparel LLC, a three-collection superline of sorts that includes functional, technical and performance-based product.

LatigoLSConsisting of Off Shore, Fitness, and Lifestyle, the three-part collection is a business venture between three core partners: William Cawley, chief creative officer, Tim Garrett, president, and Hamilton. A variety of private investors from the fashion, outdoor and entertainment industries have also jumped on board to fund the venture.

Design and functionality are the focus of each division in the collection; however, Off Shore offers more water-friendly styles in performance shorts, sun protective shirts and heat managing wetsuits (think perfect SUP wear). Masters-Olive_01Meanwhile, the high-performance Fitness collection features hybrid styles that provide comfort and technical performance while training; and the Lifestyle collection captures a classic beach aesthetic in shorts, pants, shirts and jackets, with throwbacks to casual loungewear.

Laird Apparel’s inspiration comes from the adventurous and unstoppable lifestyle of Hamilton himself, from early mornings in the surf, to a day of hardcore training, and then into casual evenings. While translating to a variety of activities, colors in the collection capture the natural pallet of both the “land and sea,” with shades of olive, black, white, blue and silver. “The collection represents all you need to live life alive through adventure,” the company said.

Laird-HamiltonLaird Apparel is yet another offering in the ever-growing athleisure category, which has taken over the outdoor and performance markets. The reason for the genre’s appeal comes directly from the users’ need for pattern and practicality, which Hamilton references as inspiration. H2Olo-BlkHe said, “I wanted to create a line for the discerning man, which would withstand functional demands with a contemporary and multi-functional edge…I wanted to provide my contemporaries with durable, stylish yet masculine clothing that feels unique to the activity he is exploring. It is difficult to find clothing that provides the technical fabrics and tailored construction that is required to achieve this hybrid, emphasized by function first.”

The October 22 launch on the shelves of Ron Robinson in Santa Monica, CA, and on introduces board and fitness shorts, hybrid surf and polo shirts, fitness and studio pants, premium and graphic tees, and technical hoodie jackets. Price points range from $30 to $120. Partners in the collection plan to extend shelf space to key retailers and some global resorts by the end of the year.