On August 3, the 2019 Pelican Award recipients were honored by the North Carolina Coastal Federation at the Crystal Coast Civic Center in Morehead City for their outstanding contributions to protecting the North Carolina coast. Recipients included Big Rock Sports, who won For Outstanding Community Leadership and Collaboration.

The award recognizes Big Rock Sports LLC for the volunteer efforts over the past few years. Big Rock Sports LLC is the only company who received the award this year.

Since 2016, Big Rock Sports of Morehead City has given it their all to help with the Coastal Federation’s restoration efforts in the central region. Employees have helped build living shorelines from start to finish, from bagging shells in the dead of winter to installing those same bags in the heat of summer. Most recently, the team helped to build a 500-foot living shoreline at the Trinity Center in Pine Knoll Shores. In addition to slinging oyster shell bags, the group consistently sends volunteers for shoreline cleanups and marsh grass plantings as well. Over the past three years, Big Rock Sports employees have contributed almost 300 hours of service to the Coastal Federation.

When speaking about the partnership with the North Carolina Coastal Federation, Shannon Adams, the Vice President of Information Technology, said, “This all stems from the Core Values we developed as a company in 2016. All the feedback from our employees indicates that everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the partnership.”