BE Innovations of Chicago has signed an agreement with Performance, Inc., the North Carolina-based cycling products retailer, to sell ZYM Endurance and ZYM Catapult portable sports drinks in Performance Bicycle stores nationwide.
“This is an important step for ZYM,”said Brian Koff, president of BE.  
Koff, a cyclist and endurance athlete from Northbrook, Ill., launched BE Innovations two years ago when he realized there must be a better way for athletes to carry electrolyte sports drinks than filling plastic baggies with powder.  Inspired by a European product that was unavailable in the U.S.-a simple tablet that dissolved in water-Koff started BE Innovations and set out to develop and market his own such 
ZYM’s unique formulas for both Catapult and Endurance were designed specifically for endurance athletes, blending electrolytes, B vitamins and other elements making them effective against muscle burn and dehydration.