Bass Pro Shops and American Bass Anglers announced today a multiyear partnership to provide more avenues for weekend anglers across the country. Bass Pro Shops will become the Title Sponsor of American Bass Anglers and will support a new 150hp bass tournament trail.

As North America’s premier outdoor and conservation company, Bass Pro Shops is a recognized leader in supporting grassroots weekend anglers and growing the sport of fishing and attracting new audiences to enjoy the outdoors.

“Bass Pro Shops is excited to support American Bass Anglers as part of our ongoing commitment to inspire everyone to enjoy, love and conserve the great outdoors,” said Christine Wamsley, Bass Pro Shops Director of Partnerships and Events. “American Bass Anglers play an important role in helping more amateurs discover fishing and we’re excited to further align with them through these new events.”

“Bass Pro Shops have continually provided support to outdoor enthusiast with the tools that fuels the passion of countless people worldwide.  We are very proud to work with a partner who puts the future of the sport and the outdoors in the forefront.  They have been a lifelong supporter of the weekend angler both offering a broad selection of angling tools plus supporting fishing conservation.  Included in this partnership will be the formation of the new 150hp and below Team Bass Tournaments, designed to offer the weekend anglers and pleasure fishermen the opportunity to compete on a level playing field,” said Morris Sheehan, President of American Bass Anglers.