Balanced Body, a leading resource for Pilates and integrated movement equipment and education, announced a favorable ruling in a trademark infringement lawsuit against Yongkang Elina Sports Equipment Co. for one of its leading products, the MOTR exercise device and system, in Chinese Court.

The court ruled against Elina on all counts and issued an injunction to immediately stop activities infringing Balanced Body’s Chinese trademark No. 17787572. Elina must pay Balanced Body punitive damages of $421,000 for flagrant infringement of Balanced Body’s rights.

Determined by the collegiate panel of three judges, the court’s judgement cited Elina’s bad faith and repeated infringement, infringement determination, and damages calculation. This is believed to be the first trademark case in Shanghai courts applying punitive damages according to the collegiate panel in an IP infringement case in favor of a U.S. company.

“We are very appreciative of the Chinese court’s thorough consideration of our case and the evidence, as well as the judges holding Elina liable for infringing on our lawful rights,” says Ken Endelman, founder and CEO, Balanced Body. “The judgement validates our ongoing efforts to bring MOTR to a global audience, and puts potential infringers on notice that Balanced Body is actively protecting our IP and we will vigorously pursue violators globally.”

MOTR is a personal training system that combines core exercise with strength and cardio conditioning, variable resistance training and myofascial release. It is a highly versatile system used at home by fitness enthusiasts, and in health clubs, in exercise classes and small group training sessions around the world.