Sales Increase 89% in 2005… again reported tremendous sales growth for the year. 2005 sales increased 89% to $52 million on top of an 88% increase in sales to $27.4 million in 2004. To support this rapid growth rate, the company invested heavily in infrastructure, including a new 210,000 square feet warehouse and upgraded, scalable IBM Blade Servers.

While much of the growth was attributed to new micro sites like,, and, the company said that the mother site,, still accounts for the lion’s share of business. The company’s ski-specific micro-niche site,, was said to have met internal expectations while its new close-out site,, and its snowboard-specific site,, far exceeded their goals.

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Following on the heels of a record 2004 year when sales jumped 88% to $27.4 million, in 2005, sales jumped 89% to $52 million in revenue. In order to suport this rapid rate of growth, the company has invested in a new 210,000 square feet warehouse, which is currently in operation and several upgrades to its infrastructure, including new IBM blade servers.

Much of the growth was attributed to new micro sites like,, and

“For, 2005 was a monster year for building infrastructure. We invested everything we had to make the operational foundations of the company strong and now we have faith,” said a company spokesperson. “So what’s up in ’06? Well…2006 is “The Year of the Customer”. There are enough shiny new toys for us, now we’re getting some serious religion about making the customer the center of our universe. We always thought we were showing them 'The Love,' but we discovered some warts, some ways in which the customer wasn’t coming first, and now we’re out to change that. How? You’ll see soon enough. (That’s our forward looking statement.)”

“When people ask us about our growth secrets, we sort of scratch our heads, because there aren’t any, but we can’t pitch the business media stories about that…not that we haven’t tried,” said Mike Geraci, from “At we all work until it hurts and then we work some more. We’ve been blessed by good fortune, but much of it has been because we are all right there working our hearts out. It turns out that sweat is the magic elixir for success.”

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