According to PGA PerformanceTrak, August 2013 golf rounds played were up 3.6 percent and days open were up 0.3  percent compared with August 2012, based on paired data.


August results are based on useable responses from 2,639 facilities. The slight days open increase supports a portion of the rounds played increase. Another contributor, August 2013 had one more weekend day (9) than August 2012 (8). Approximately 71 percent of the annual rounds played have been played through August.

Through the first eight months of 2013, the days open for play were the lowest in the history of PerformanceTrak. YTD 2013, there were approximately 15 fewer days open than YTD 2012.  It remains clear the below-average weather at the start of the typical golf season had an impact on year-to-date performance. The average rounds played YTD are the second lowest compared to all other YTD August figures. Despite the impact of weather, YTD rounds played per day open were at an eight year high.

Each of the four key revenue figures for the month were up. Median merchandise revenue for August 2013 had the largest increase at 8.9 percent followed by increases in food and beverage revenue at 8.6 percent, total facility revenue at 5.9 percent and golf fee revenue at 5.6 percent.