Astral Buoyancy Company has hired veteran paddlesports rep Spencer Cooke to serve its dealers in North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas.

Cooke, who took over the role Nov. 10, has worked closely with Astral for years as both a team athlete and sub-rep. He now adds Astral to the portfolio at his agency Effort Inc., which also represents Immersion Research and Shred Ready.

“We have worked and kayaked with Spencer Cooke for many years,” said Astral CEO Philip Curry. “He has an amazing work ethic and is dedicated to the mutual success of manufacturer and retailer.  We can all count on Spencer to provide honest and clear information in the best interest of business prosperity. Spencer is the man. Trust him, love him, and go kayaking with him.”

In addition to his wide array of talents as a sales rep, Spencer has a strong history of multimedia experience and will assist Astral’s marketing department with product knowledge video production, event coverage, and other grassroots marketing campaigns.