Sports Retailer, ASR, announced 2011 dates with January 13th-15th as
the dates for the ASR Access event and August 18th-20th for ASR
Marketplace. The selected dates and the event’s number of days, back to
three, come in response to the industry’s evolving sales and marketing
needs. Earlier dates for the January event will allow for fall line
breaks, while providing brands with the opportunity to wrap-up summer
season sales.

“ASR’s role is to provide an effective and
convenient platform for retailers and exhibitors to conduct business.
So utilizing show dates that best serve the industry’s evolving needs
is imperative,” says Andy Tompkins, VP of ASR. “The 2011 Access event
will now come on the wake of retail holiday season momentum, when
dealers have an accurate view of what’s trending and are ready to buy.”

the event over three days allows for more opportunities for networking,
time to attend business seminars and will make it easier for
International buyers, distributors and exhibitors to make the trip to
San Diego. Retailers attend the winter edition ASR event to see a full
spectrum of product as they are making final purchase decisions for
summer and previewing fall. ASR’s 2011 dates have been endorsed by
SIMA, IASC, and BRA as a beneficial time for the industry’s buyers and
sellers to connect.

Major ASR events will continue to be held
in San Diego, CA. The upcoming ASR Marketplace for spring/summer buying
will take place August 13-15, 2010. More details are available at