Asics announced a partnership with China’s top women’s tennis player, Zhang Shuai. Ranked 30th overall by the WTA, Zhang is the first female player from China to sign with Asics.

Zhang will make her debut as an Asics-Sponsored Athlete at Wimbledon 2018, and will be sporting the Asics Gel-Cool Dress And Gel-Cool Tank/Skort combo in all white. Her footwear will be Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Grass.

“I’m so excited to be an official part of Team Asics. I’ve always loved Asics footwear, because it’s so comfortable and helps me move faster,” said Shuai. “As the first female tennis player from China to sign with Asics, I also have the great opportunity to support the growth of tennis not only in China, but around the world.”

Zhang will also be participating in tennis-related events to expand Asics’ presence in the U.S. and Asia.

Motoi Oyama, chairman and CEO, representative director, Asics Corporation said, “Tennis has evolved drastically over the years, especially in growing markets such as China. We’re thrilled to be working with Zhang Shuai, a rising star who embodies the same values and beliefs that Asics stands for every day. The tennis category will be a future focus for Asics as we aim to become the world’s number-one tennis footwear brand.”

Photo courtesy Asics