Asics North America reported positive growth in the second quarter was boosted by double-digit growth in Sportstyle and Core Performance Sports categories across the region and marked by the region’s seventh consecutive quarter of double-digit e-commerce growth.

As reported by SGB Media, Asics Corp. on August 8 reported sales in the North America region, which includes the U.S., Mexico and Canada, increased 17.4 percent to ¥55.92 billion ($411.2 million) in H1 due to the strong sales of the Performance Running category and Core Performance Sports category. Segment income amounted to ¥505 million ($3.7 million) against an operating loss of ¥342 million mainly due to an improvement in gross margin, as well as the impact of the increase in net sales.

Results were boosted in part by changes in foreign exchange rates. The U.S. dollar climbed 10.3 percent as of June 30, 2023 compared to the same time a year ago.

Subtracting first-quarter results from six-month results shows North America region sales in the second quarter climbed 10.7 percent to ¥30.66 billion ($211.6 mm) while operating income surged 75.1 percent to ¥851.1 million ($5.9 mm).

In a separate statement from Asics North America, Richard Sullivan, president and CEO of the region, said, “The highlights of this quarter are consistency and positivity in key areas across the business, including being the fastest growing brand in the run specialty channel. Looking towards the second half of the year, we maintain the goal of advancing the Asics brand within our region, continuing to deliver great products to the market and showcasing support for our partners, athletes and teammates.”

For Sportstyle, the year-over-year growth in the quarter can be attributed to an increase in sales through Asics’ key accounts. Top performing styles included a mix of Asics heritage and new products, including the Gel-1130, Gel-Kayano 14, Japan S PF and Gel-NYC models. In core performance sports, success was led by growth in tennis, wrestling and indoor sports. Year-over-year growth within the category was seen by the Gel-Resolution, Upcourt, Gel-Renma and Court FF 3 Novak models.

On the channel level, Asics North America’s e-commerce business saw strong performance year-over-year across all categories. Notably, performance run sales within the e-commerce channel increased year-over-year, driven by Asics’ revamped franchise models, the Gel-Nimbus and Gel-Cumulus.

Companywide, Asics increased its guidance for the full-year 2023 after reporting first-half net sales increased 28.9 percent to ¥290.0 billion ($2.13 billion) for the period ended June 30. The performance was the highest ever for the six-month period as sales increased year-over-year in all regions and categories.