Ashworth, Inc. has signed an agreement with Ryder Cup Ltd. to become the Lead Vendor, as well as Official Licensee, at the September 2006 Ryder Cup to be held at the K Club in Ireland. This agreement extends the 14-year relationship between Ashworth, the market leading clothing brand in golf, and The Ryder Cup, the world's most celebrated golf event.

Grahame Jenkins, Managing Director at Ashworth Europe, commented, “We are delighted to be involved with the prestigious Ryder Cup event once again. Ashworth has now had a continuous 14-year relationship with The Ryder Cup on both sides of the Atlantic, and has previously been The Ryder Cup's Lead Vendor at the Belfry in 2002 and at Oakland Hills, Detroit in 2004, “This is the perfect opportunity for Ashworth to showcase our industry-leading products, including our unique Ryder Cup clothing line, to one of the largest golf audiences at one of the most important golf events of 2006.”

As part of the Lead Vendor agreement, Ashworth will have the major presence in The 2006 Ryder Cup Merchandising Tent, making it the most prominent apparel company at this year's event. In addition to being named the Ryder Cup's Lead Vendor, Ashworth is also one of a select few companies to hold a License Agreement for the 2006 Ryder Cup. This entitles the Company to manufacture and sell Ryder Cup merchandise in 26 countries across Ashworth's European distribution network.

As part of this agreement, Ashworth has designed a specific Ryder Cup clothing line. The new designs are based on the striking blue and gold colors of the European Union flag, and each garment will feature The Ryder Cup logo. Ashworth's Ryder Cup clothing range will be available throughout Europe, and at the event itself.

In connection with this agreement, Ashworth will also showcase its men's and women's Callaway Golf apparel lines in the 2006 Ryder Cup Merchandising Tent.

In addition to the success in Europe, there exists opportunities within the U.S. for additional sales of Ashworth apparel bearing the official Ryder Cup logo. As a licensed vendor of the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA of America), Ashworth is entitled to the use of the Ryder Cup Matches name and logo and as such will design, manufacture and distribute Ashworth product through the brand's vast network of accounts.

Randall L. Herrel, Chairman and CEO of Ashworth, Inc., commented, “For almost 20 years, Ashworth has had the privilege of being selected as an apparel sponsor for many of golf's major events. Our commitment to the PGA of America has historically been one of reflecting their dedication to quality and excellence in the products we make. The Ryder Cup presents a particularly exciting opportunity for us as it allows the Ashworth team to share in the competitive spirit between the U.S. and Europe equally as we are well represented on both sides of the pond.”