Anta Sports made personnel moves to align the company’s management structure with its strategic direction and to enhance corporate governance.

The following changes in the company’s executive directors’ management responsibilities will take effect on February 1, 2023.

  • Ding Shizhong will retire as CEO and remain as the Chairman. He will maintain a core leadership role in the Group’s corporate strategy, talent acquisition, corporate culture, and operations, and will directly oversee its internal audit and supervision functions as well as mergers and acquisitions.
  • Ding Shijia will continue to oversee the company’s manufacturing operation and cease to oversee its supply chain management.
  • Zheng Jie will remain as an executive director but retire as group president and chief executive officer of Anta’s Outdoor Sports Group. He will continue as the chief executive officer of Amer Sports and be primarily responsible for Amer Sports-related business.
  • Lai Shixian will be appointed as co-CEO and retire as CFO. He will be in charge of the Anta brand and all other brands except the Fila brand, group procurement and various Group functions, including human resources, legal, investor relations and administration.
  • Wu Yonghua will be appointed as co-CEO and retire as CEO of its Performance Sports Group. He will be in charge of the Fila brand, the Group’s international businesses and various Group functions, including retail channel management and public relations.
  • Bi Mingwei will be appointed as CFO, primarily responsible for the Group’s financial management functions and various middle- and back-office functions, including business process management and logistics management.

The company’s board of directors said it believes that the above changes would facilitate the implementation of the company’s “multi-brand” and “globalization” strategies; enhance the company’s corporate governance by performing the roles of chairman and CEO through separate management personnel and enhance management efficiency and the Group’s talent development.

The company said the above changes are expected to improve the Group’s corporate governance structure and are in line with the governance models of large-scale international enterprises and code provision C.2.1 of the CG Code. Other than the changes set out above, the board and designations of each executive director and independent non-executive director will remain unchanged.