Amp Human’s PR Lotion is a product you apply before you begin your workout. The engineering behind the product uses bicarb (baking soda) to neutralize acid buildup in your muscles while your training so your recovery time is faster and you can come back stronger the next day.

How did the product come about? It is the brainchild of two friends, Erica Good and Jeff Byers, pictured left, who met when they joined the founding team of an early stage biotech company several years ago based in California as number three and five respectively.

The company had incredible technology and had started developing a delivery system for active pharmaceuticals to enter the body in the form of a lotion … they had a light bulb moment.

What if the technology they were working on could be used to enhance the delivery of vitamins, minerals, and supplements to affect the local chemistry in the body? And what if it could optimize the body further by giving it more of what it naturally needs to perform better but eliminate the GI system?

Their idea grew into a passion. Erica and Jeff left the tech startup to start their own company, Amp Human, where PR Lotion, their flagship product was born. In so doing, the team created a category around a lotion that gives the body more of what it needs naturally to perform better or be healthier.

Erica and Jeff explain the principals behind PR Lotion’s popularity all level of athletes for SGB Today.

What’s different about PR Lotion from other sports lotions? The lotion does not contain mentholated properties nor does it tingle on the skin as a way to signal the performance of the product.

This is a lotion you put on before you work out. You don’t feel any sensation on your skin right at the beginning but as you move through your workout, you start to notice a difference quickly feeling less tired in your workout and being much less sore after.

Essentially what does PR Lotion do? It puts bicarb into your body – a substance that your body naturally produces — to neutralize acids in the muscles.

At the basic chemical level, bicarb is going into the muscle and as you start to workout, your muscles go anaerobic and begin to kick off a tremendous amount of acid. The bicarb neutralizes that acid.

How does the bicarb in the lotion get into the muscle? It is a sophisticated technology but to simplify, we encapsulate bicarb in the lotion. When it is on the skin, the body recognizes it as friendly and essentially as part of the body. The body is able to pull the lotion in and therefore get bicarb into the muscle.

PR Lotion allows you to maximize your workout and every competition and allows you to recover faster. The great thing about the lotion is it is sport agnostic. While the markets we tested the product in were endurance-based, it works for you whether you are an elite athlete or weekend warrior. The product gives the body what it needs which is bicarb a natural element found in the body.

Do athletes need to be concerned when tested for performance-enhancing drugs? This is not on any banned substance list. Every batch of lotion that is produced is sent to a lab to test for banned substances. Athletes can be confident when they use the product that they will not have issues when drug tested. We are committed to clean sport.

We have athletes from the Olympic level to the recreational level using PR Lotion. Whether you are the best in the world or a weekend warrior, your body produces acid and we use bicarbonate to reduce that acid. The product is for everyone to maximize their day and get more out of their workouts.

What about long-term use? Long term use of the product does not interfere with the body’s natural ability to produce bicarb. You are giving the body more of what it naturally needs to reduce acid similar to taking vitamins to reduce deficiencies or drinking water to hydrate at that moment. The product does not play with the natural function of the body’s chemistry.

Photos courtesy Amp Human