Altra Elite Athlete Jacob Puzey ran an average pace of 5:56 per mile to set the new world record for fastest 50 miles run on a treadmill with a time of 4:57:45, shattering the previous record of 5:57:31 by an hour.

His marathon split time was 2:38. Fans from all over The Running Event trade show packed the Altra booth to cheer on Puzey to the new world record. Puzey is an experienced ultrarunner who ran the entire 50 miles in the Altra Paradigm road shoe on a ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill. Puzey stayed hydrated with soft drinks and electrolytes and fueled with potato chips, stopping for a bathroom break only once.”

“Achieving this new record felt surprisingly great,” said Puzey. “I didn’t have super high expectations: I just wanted to see if I could run the previous record’s pace. I happened to feel really good today and going at a 5:56 pace felt great. I put one foot in front of the other on the treadmill and just kept going.”

Later that evening after he set the new world record, Puzey posted on his Facebook page: “Over a decade ago, I shattered my navicular bone and was told I could never run again. My college teammate Golden Harper helped me transition back into running in lower profile shoes, but I still had to use orthotics. Eventually, he founded a shoe company based on his belief that shoes should not alter one’s natural gait. I was fortunate to try some of the first models. Over the past five years that simple idea has revolutionized the shoe industry, and that little company is now a major player. The shoes have enabled me to continue to do what I love.”