Allied Feather & Down will attend vendor summits in Asia next month to promote (TMD), which allows customers to trace the exact origins
of the down in their products, and other relevant information.

The aim of the outreach is to provide a more robust education about down in general and what Allied is doing for partner brands to ensure the finest quality, responsibly sourced and sustainably processed down insulation. They’ll also focus on the rapidly expanding TMD initiative: how it works and what it means for consumers and partner brands.

“We like to reach out to our partners and retailers to help them understand and employ the features and benefits of premium-quality down, and how our extremely important initiatives help tell that story,” says Matthew Betcher, Allied’s Creative and Marketing Director. “We will be at vendor summits educating retail sales teams on the principles of down, and how Allied’s traceability tools such as TMD bring another level of consumer engagement and help sell down products.”

Allied will spend much of Fall 2015 at global vendor summits. In November, they’ll add to existing educational initiatives with down seminars in both Hong Kong and Korea. The first seminar in Asia, to be held in Hong Kong has been developed with sourcing offices and manufacturers in mind. Then, in Seoul, Allied will present a basic down education on current innovations, the importance of responsibly sourced down and the RDS certification process, Allied’s program, and innovations for the future of down.

For information on attending the Asian seminars please contact Matthew at: