Amid the latest news of big-name brands Patagonia and Arcteryx opting to boycott the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Summer Market trade show, Allett, a minimalist wallet and carry product company based in San Diego, has decided to attend Outdoor Retailer.

Bridget Muscat, president of Allett, said in a statement, “As a six year, veteran exhibitor at the Outdoor Retailer Winter and Summer Market shows, Allett knows all too well how worthwhile the event can be to smaller homegrown brands like itself. It’s an opportunity to connect with other professionals, form meaningful bonds, and drive the industry forward in a positive way. Those are the pillars of OR, and that final point is the main reason why the boycott can be seen as detrimental.”

The primary motivation behind many brands boycotting OR is that the show takes place in Salt Lake City, UT, and that of late Utah has been heavily criticized for some of its stances on the protection and preservation of public outdoor land. Several private corporate interest groups have been working with Utah state officials to secure those outdoor lands to execute for-profit projects while leaving the lands unfit for outdoor activity. This is in direct conflict with a lot of what the outdoor industry stands for. While some of the previously mentioned big-name brands feel it necessary to make a big PR splash and boycott the OR show altogether, a move like that doesn’t necessarily effect the change its meant to. The boycott’s divisive nature does more to communicate a distaste for the show being held where it is than to advocate change on a state legislative scale.”

Rather than boycotting OR, Allett chooses to remain loyal to the show and its community, while supporting advocacy for the protection of public outdoor lands. Allett believes that a unified front of outdoor industry businesses coming together under the OR show umbrella can act as a much more powerful group. If history has taught us anything it’s that a large group of like-minded advocates can bring about change in a much more effective manner.”

“We will work in conjunction with other companies that choose to remain loyal to the OR show, and add our voice to the side of defending public lands.”

Photo courtesy Allett