Allen Edmonds is opening a storefront in Boston on March 30 after three decades on Newbury Street. The Port Washington Studio, with re-craft and custom services, is located at 141A Newbury Street.

“Newbury is one of Allen Edmonds’ original store locations,” said David Law, senior vice president and general manager for Allen Edmonds. “We have a history with this city and chose this as a place to celebrate the brand and our community with this physical incarnation of our American heritage luxury positioning.”

Allen Edmonds is one of the original architects in re-crafting shoes, “with over one million re-crafted pairs,” and will sell the product category in the Port Washington Studio, with a concierge on site to walk customers through re-craft or building a custom shoe. “We believe that quality is the original form of sustainability; only the very best-made shoes can be re-crafted,” added Law.

The componentry of customization is on display, including leathers and soles and historical photos and tools of the trade. Wood cases display the brand’s iconic styles, including Park Avenue. The wood casements move into a modern wall system with metal shelves and glass for the hybrid and sport collection, which will play an integral role in the future for the brand.

Additional styles are presented in a series of living rooms with seating areas covered in the brand’s signature leather and showcased in a display of swatches from worldwide tanneries carried through the space in banquet seating. The company said the symbolism between old and new is endemic to the brand and its legacy.

“Our American heritage, luxury position and commitment to making the highest quality shoes in Port Washington, WI, have created a strong foundation for evolution and growth,” Law continued. “There is a quality and classic revival going on—we did that first and haven’t stopped.”