AFMInc, a major supplier of wilderness medical and survival products for the adventure-outdoor market, appointed Howard Flax as its new president. Flax has a background in multi-channel retail having most recently served as CEO of Flax art & design since 2004.

Deigan commented , “Howard brings a complementary skill set to our company that will enable us to realize significant growth opportunities. His understanding of eCommerce, marketing and consumer behavior in the digital age really attracted me. Most importantly, Howard has a reputation of being an implementer, one who gets things done, and we have great expectations for the future of AFMInc.”

Flax sees great potential in AFMInc, stating that “the applications and markets for AFM’s products are numerous. I think we can build upon the company’s rich history and achieve significant success in growing our markets. I am excited to join David’s team and help move the company forward.”

The company's products include the Heatsheets® and Thermo-Lite® emergency blankets and bivvys in AMK's Emergency Essentials product line.