AFIRM announced the membership commitment of Life Fitness, the fitness equipment company. Also joining the fitness trade association is efi
Sports Medicine, which makes products for the Pilates category, and Medova Healthcare a
provider of health and wellness insurance products to AFIRM member

“We took a look at AFIRM’s agenda, met with their leadership, and
decided the mission and vision deserved our support,” said John
Stranksy, Life Fitness CEO.  “In times like these every decision has to
relate to the bottom line and Life Fitness believes wholeheartedly that
AFIRM will deliver in this regard.  We encourage all manufacturers and
retailers in fitness to join.”
“We couldnt be happier with Life Fitness decision to support AFIRM and
our efforts,” said Chuck Leve, AFIRM Executive Director.  “Having the
industry leader actively working for the good of all manufacturers is a
success on which we intend to build.”

EFI Sports Medicine, one of the leading Pilates companies becomes the
first player in that category to join AFIRM.

“We believe that all manufacturers in fitness need to work
harmoniously,” said Tom Campanaro, CEO of efi.  “There’s much that AFIRM
can do to enhance our ability to serve our customers in the most
efficient manner possible.  We look forward to being part of that

Medova Healthcare, the Wichita, Kansas based provider of health and
wellness benefits, sees AFIRM’s members as its target market.

“We specialize in developing custom health and wellness programs for
small to medium sized employers,” said Tom OBrien, Executive Director,
Special Markets for Medova.  “AFIRM and its members are a direct hit for
our capabilities.  Well be reaching out as soon as possible to AFIRM
members to show them how we can improved benefits and cut costs.”

Separately, AFIRM also said “How Policy Making in
Washington Affexts Your Business” will be the theme of AFIRM’s first
hosted Legislative Open Forum on March 30 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time in
conference call format.

The Conference Call will feature SGMA’s CEO Tom Cove, and Bill Sells,
SGMA’s VP Government Relations discussing issues related to product
safety and the Consumer Products Safety Commission, as well as getting
more American active through greater funding of the Physical Education
Program (PEP) funding and passage of the Personal Health Investment
Today (PHIT) bill.

“We made great progress March 10 at our annual National Health Through
Fitness Day,” said Cove.  “But there’s much more to do.  Alerting AFIRM
members to where we are and how we get to the next level is one of our
highest priorities.”