Adventure Medical Kits joined as a sponsor of Backpacker’s Get Out More Tour for 2017. The Get Out More Tour is a nationwide tour featuring backpacking seminars with tips and techniques for a safer, more comfortable and confident outdoor adventure.

“When you’re out backpacking or hiking you can often be very far from medical care,” said Frank Meyer, chief marketing officer at Tender Corporation – manufacturer of insect bite treatments. “It’s critical to be prepared and bring the necessary gear to address first aid and survival situations. We hope that participants will come away from these clinics with basic first aid skills and feel more confident about taking care of themselves and their fellow adventurers.”

Backpacker’s ambassador Randy Propster will present an engaging 75-minute seminar full of trail-tested tips, regional trip advice and outdoor gear. The tour will travel to 48 states, presenting at 45 outdoor retailers, hosting five on-the-trail adventures and attending five outdoor festivals during the months of April through October. Attendees will be shown the new Adventure Medical Kits’ Mountain Series first aid kits featuring the most up-to-date guidelines and medical grade products available for when wilderness emergencies arise.

Photo courtesy Adventure Medical Kits