Adidas signed Corey Bellemore, the beer mile world record holder, to an endorsement deal.

Bellemore, who competes on the track and field team at the University of Windsor in Ontario, won the Beer Mile World Classic in July. The 22-year-old set a world record time of 4:34:35 in London. The competition  requires participants to run a mile while stopping every 400 meters to drink a can of beer.

Bellemore’s ultimate goal is to compete in the 1,500m or 800m event at the Olympics, according to TMZ. His contract with Adidas extends through 2017.

He becomes the second beer mile athlete to be under a professional contract. Brooks Running last year signed Lewis Kent as the first beer miler under a professional contract.  Bellemore and Kent will face off at the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships on December 17.

Photo courtesy Corey Bellemore