Adidas released the revamped Supernova in new hues in vibrant Orange Spark, which will feature throughout Adidas’ collections this year; the shoes are complemented by matching apparel, including a men’s jacket, tee, shorts, cap, and socks, and a women’s hoodie, shirt, shorts, bra, cap and socks.

The Supernova franchise includes the Supernova Rise, with two new models, the Supernova Solution and Stride. All three silhouettes feature Adidas’ re-engineered super foam Dreamstrike+ inspired by the Lightstrike Pro foam used in the Adizero franchise, but updated for comfort and cushioning.

Along with the Dreamstrike+ foam, the three shoes feature Supernova Rise (support rods, comfort heel fit), Supernova Stride (carrier EVA, Adiwear Outsole), and Supernova Solution (stability support rods, Adiwear Outsole).

A new global study from Adidas,* which surveyed 2,674 runners across 11 international cities, found that wearing uncomfortable shoes tops the list as the biggest pain point when experiencing an enjoyable run (47 percent). Other barriers include weather being too hot (45 percent), cold (43 percent), a lack of motivation (38 percent), and uneven or slippery surfaces (37 percent).

Almost one-quarter (23 percent) of survey respondents decided not to run due to these discomforts, with shoes being the biggest cause. But even for runners who don’t give up, the data found that the impact of discomfort during a run is clear. Almost four in ten (37 percent) cut their run distance short, one-third (29 percent) sid it’s impacted their mood, and 33 percent decided to change their running route.

Adidas’ survey also found a formula for the most comfortable run. Alongside comfortable running shoes, global runners identified the perfect conditions: a sunny morning run at 19.8 degrees, with a gentle breeze. Out of all cities surveyed, only runners in Seoul, Korea, preferred a run in the evening.

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*Adidas commissioned international research conducted by Focaldata, surveying 2,674 runners in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mexico City, Paris, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The samples in each city were nationally representative of gender (+/-2 percent). Adidas collected the data between January 12-17, 2024.

Image/Chart courtesy Adidas