adidas America is moving its corporate accounting and financial services division, which is currently based in Portland, Ore., to the Massachusetts headquarters of Reebok International Ltd. The move is expected to take place in April 2007, with a second phase in April 2008. The company has stated that all other adidas America operations will remain in Portland.

In other news, adidas will be taking the German Football Association (DFB) to arbitration court over a disagreement regarding the length of adidas' sponsorship agreement. adidas said that it believed the deal “was effectually extended in August 2006 until at least 2014.”
The company further said, “This has been expressly confirmed to adidas by a group of experts comprised of internal and external specialist lawyers and law professors.”

The dispute began when Nike bid a reported €56 million per year to become the DFB sponsor compared to adidas’ current €11 million.