Adidas has partnered with, the donation and fundraising platform, to link all sports training efforts in the Adidas miCoach app to fundraising campaigns in the Ammado charity platform. The partnership will allow miCoach users to do their hard work for the greater good, leveraging fitness goals to help raise money on behalf of the 1.6M local and global non-profits that Ammado serves. Links to set up a personal fundraiser are embedded in the latest version update of the Adidas miCoach train and run app on both iOS and Android. Download the app at

“At Adidas we believe that through sport we have the power to change lives. Adding the new Ammado feature to the miCoach service offers our athletes a powerful way to combine their sports activities with fundraising while leveraging the Adidas network for social benefit. We anticipate that the collective efforts of the Adidas community will generate millions of dollars annually via the Ammado platform for deserving causes,” said Stacey Burr, general manager, Adidas Digital Sports. Ammado will provide the Adidas miCoach community with an integrated, branded and easy-to-use experience, which will allow Adidas miCoach to reach out to its global user base, simultaneously unite and drive different fundraising initiatives, build a community of fundraisers to fuel the campaigns and incentivize athletes. The Ammado platform connects 1.6M non-profits to people in more than 140 countries, and enables donations in 11 languages and 80 currencies using globally relevant payment tools. Non-profits can benefit from this campaign once they register for free on Ammado. Non-profits can invite their own supporters to use the Adidas miCoach service for fundraising, and create momentum in their own community and increase the social impact. How it works:
• The new “Start Fundraising” feature is accessible from different areas of the miCoach service
• Users can set up their own personal fundraising campaigns and can manage their fundraiser on
• will show the overall progress of the campaign and feature the top fundraisers

“Fundraising and sports are intrinsically linked. Athletes have leveraged their physical prowess for decades to compete in triathlons, run marathons and bike centennials in the name of social causes,” said Peter Conlon, CEO of Ammado. “Partnering with Adidas is an extremely exciting way to give the Adidas miCoach community the tools to leverage their exercise to make a positive difference in local communities worldwide. It is now incredibly easy for all kinds of athletes to support non-profits, increasing the overall amount of charitable giving worldwide.”

Adidas expects that the opportunity to make a real difference and the positive reactions from friends will encourage users to go the extra mile. “Motivation is a key element for miCoach users to unleash their best,” stated Stacey Burr. “Our new fundraising addition goes beyond a user's commitment to themselves and gets to the heart of what really inspires them, strengthening their determination to succeed and become better global citizens.”