Adidas introduced a new concept of football shoes sold through an exclusive platform: the Adidas Glitch app.

The football boots and skins can only be purchased via the Adidas Glitch mobile app, which is available initially for iOS and later for Android. All shopping, transaction, and customer service are done via the app.

“Adidas is one of the most influential and creative brands in the football category,” said Stephan Schambach, founder and CEO, NewStore Inc., the technology provider behind the app. “For brands to deliver an exciting end-to-end shopping experience, they must put mobile at the core of their commerce strategy. One-touch purchase and on-demand delivery are no longer luxuries – they are expected.”

Harm Ohlmeyer, SVP digital brand commerce, said, “Glitch is pushing the boundaries of Adidas Football. A powerful mobile interaction helps boost conversion and promote engagement between consumers and the Adidas brand. With the NewStore Mobile Retail Platform we are going for a mobile-first approach for Glitch, bringing connectivity, newness and exclusivity to our football creators.”