Adidas launched signature basketball shoes for NBA stars Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard. Rose, of the Chicago Bulls, will wear Adidas adiZero Rose while Howard, of the Orlando Magic, will wear adidas Beast.

“Derrick and Dwight are once in a lifetime athletes and are among the fastest players in the league at their positions, so we provided them with the lightest adidas shoes to help separate them even more from the pack,” said Lawrence Norman, Adidas vice president of global basketball. “Speed is everything in basketball, and to communicate our fast message to players across the world we created the 'Fast Don't Lie' campaign to bring fast to life in a fun, loud and unexpected way.”

The shoes launch in conjunction with a new marketing campaign called 'Fast Don't Lie,' which stars Rose, Howard and 'Slim Chin' played by Ken Jeong of 'The Hangover.' Slim, a self-made billionaire and cheetah owner, attributes his life achievements to being fast – a trait that also brings results on the basketball court for Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and basketball players across the globe. Adidas launched a music video on featuring the trio and will launch an interactive video experience on October 20 on YouTube where users can play against Derrick Rose. The campaign will continue with two television spots also launching October 20 with rotation on ESPN, BET, MTV, Comedy Central and Cartoon Network.