adidas launched a new interactive marketing campaign titled 'MLS Mash-up' centered around the 2006 Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup playoffs. Produced by EVB, the MLS Mash-up campaign pairs each MLS playoff team with a local
alternative band selected to represent the personality of the MLS team, its city and fans.

For every MLS playoff game, a video collage combining in-game footage,
sound and photography from the two competing teams are synced together
with music videos from the bands associated with each team, creating a
unique 'mash-up' video to highlight the teams competing for the 2006 MLS

“The MLS Mash-up campaign is designed to captivate and engage the
growing soccer audiences in each MLS market” said Simon Atkins, Director
of Brand Communications for adidas America. “This interactive campaign
is changing how soccer is marketed in the U.S. by creating a unique
image for each MLS team that will resonate with a larger audience than
ever before.”

As the 2006 MLS playoffs continue, a new mash-up video will be unveiled
each week on, the host web site for the interactive
campaign. A total of seven Mash-ups will be released during the MLS Cup
playoffs, October 21 to November 12.

“This campaign is a digital blender of soccer, cities and music that
produces a completely new feel for the sport and brand,” said Daniel
Stein, EVB co-founder and CEO. “We are very excited about the MLS
Mash-up campaign and consider it is a shining example of how marketing
is shifting to adapt to a new consumer.”

The MLS Mash-up campaign is a 360 degree marketing initiative supported
through print and online media, as well as in retail and at grassroots
events. Podcasts will be available for each MLS Mash-up video, allowing
members of online communities like and to
incorporate the Mash-up campaign into their personal web pages.
Lifestyle and alternative print media in each MLS market will also be
used to activate the campaign locally, through artistic posters
representing the MLS teams and band Mash-ups of each city.