Adidas Golf’s new material concepts, Twistknit and Twistweave, are now part of its Ultimate365 golf apparel range for men and women. 

Adidas introduced new material concepts, Twistknit and Twistweave, pioneered by specialist teams within the golf category. Aimed to provide golfers with a better range of motion while reducing the overall weight and density of the material, Twistknit and Twistweave “unlock a new pathway to performance” in its Ultimate 365 Apparel collection for men and women.

Twistknit and Twistweave Process
After construction, Adidas reported that “a garment goes through a ‘transformative step’ where the yarns are coiled, or ‘twisted,’ to act like micro-springs within the fabric structure. The result is that these yarns both offer flexibility and freedom of movement when needed most and provide recoil to help maintain the garment’s overall shape.” 

When Adidas compared similar pieces in the range, it found that Twistknit and Twistweave “offered golfers performance in a lightweight package, saving 30 percent to 40 percent in overall weight compared to similar products.” As with all pieces in the brand’s Ultimate365 range, the intention for Twistknit and Twistweave is to “help golfers worry less about their gear so that they could focus more on their game.”


Ultimate365 with Twistknit and Twistweave from Adidas offers unmatched range of motion. Watch the video here or click on the image above.


Ultimate365 is our apparel range where we lead with performance and products are designed with the intention to help eliminate distractions so that golfers can maintain the highest level of focus on the course,” said Shaun Madigan, global director of apparel at Adidas Golf. Twistknit and Twistweave bring this ethos to life in a completely new way. It’s a difference we believe golfers will feel as soon as they wear it.”

“As we set out to bring Twistknit and Twistweave to life, we were hyper-focused on what we wanted to achieve,” said Chase Aaronson, senior manager of materials development at Adidas Golf. “Golfers need materials that perform, so we’re proud of what we were able to accomplish with this new concept. We believe it can truly introduce a new era in performance apparel applications, even to other sports beyond golf.”

This season, Twistknit and Twistweave are featured in select pieces in the Ultimate365 range. Adidas noted it will continue to incorporate more areas in the future. 

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Photos and video courtesy Adidas