Adidas introduced Forgefiber, an innovative stitching technology that efficiently provides precise fit and support in performance footwear.

Forgefiber, a process using TPU-coated yarn, maximizes the ability to provide targeted zones of stretch and lockout when stitched and heat compressed resulting in 30 percent more resistance using less thread.

“Every sport is about movement and every athlete is unique,” said Jon Munns, senior design director on the Adidas Future team. “They all have different needs and when we are designing products for them, we are trying to create the very best for them to support their movement.”

The first iteration of Forgefiber technology is available this month in a limited edition Alphabounce with a visual aesthetic driven by the creation process. The design process was inspired by body movement and the exploration of how organic cell structures grow. The strength of the structure is driven by a randomization in the stitch structure. The outcome is a stronger, more flexible fabric upper that behaves differently for each type of sport. The density and angles of the stitching can be changed to create higher levels of support, multidirectional benefits like lockout and conformity, and fine-tuning based on the size of the athlete.

“Running is more about linear movement,” said Jason McGinnity, a designer on the Adidas Future team. “The super flexible and strong Forgefiber upper for a runner will provide enhanced lockdown and stability in the midsole for a smooth gait cycle. For basketball we want to be much more prescriptive in certain areas of the shoe, like on the lateral for heavy cutting.”

McGinnity continues, “The adaptable design process can easily address different performance needs while still allowing breathability and comfort. As we look toward the future, possibilities of where we can take this are unlimited.”

The Alphabounce LTD Forgefiber in core black is available in June for $140 on All authentic Forgefiber products will feature a stylized lockstitch closure. Current availability is limited, with more products featuring the new technology coming soon.

Photo courtesy Adidas