Adidas released its most exclusive multisport footwear collection to date—a 49-model lineup that spans running, tennis, basketball, and breakdancing. This collection, “designed to empower athletes across 41 disciplines,” features over 20 models Olympic athletes will wear this summer while competing at the Olympics.

Ben Herath, VP of Design, Specialist Sports at Adidas, said, “Adidas’ legacy on the global stage has burned bright for over 96 years, beginning with that first performance shoe crafted by our founder in 1924. We’ve consistently delivered tools for athletes looking to make their mark on history. Performing on this stage requires something more than raw talent, trained technique and kit, it requires passion.

“After working closely with our athletes, we know the fire ignited within can power them to the podium. Through this collection, we’ve bound together that intrinsic desire and unwavering commitment to be the best on the global stage via a design that represents their passion—a flame that burns bright in each of them.”

The flare flashes across each shoe, either onto the upper of each footwear model or on its sole, meaning “when the athlete performs, the fire effect will flicker with every movement.” Three stripes are visible against a black-and-white color scheme, helping “reduce visual distractions caused by the shoe during competition.”

Each product in the range is made for its intended sport, including the Adidas Adios Pro 3 for marathon running, the Adidas Barricade for tennis and a broader series of footwear fit for many sports featuring the best performance technologies from the brand.

Adidas also released the Adizero Prime SP 3 Strung, which is made for 100m with “energy return and maximum stiffness.” The shoe continues the Prime SP model an updated with the strung upper. Coded thread by thread and the upper provides a seamless, lightweight cocoon around the foot.

While each Adidas-sponsored country is complete in designs made in the color of its flag, they also come with the fire-inspired emblem, “a unifying graphic set to symbolize the passion for sport, that binds all its athletes who look to compete at the height of their game.”

Top athletes will showcase the collection in July at the Olympics.