Adidas Originals and Foot Locker unveiled a new End to End footwear collection described as where “graffiti art and street design collide.” The collection, available exclusively at Foot Locker globally, were crafted by seven of the world's most celebrated graffiti masters – from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France – in a collaborative effort “to create a unique style that takes their artwork from the sketchbook to the streets.”

The End to End Collection features the All City Collection, the Burner Collection and the King's Collection.

“Together with Foot Locker, we were able to create a 'think tank' where these artisans could amplify their creativity and design one of our most vibrant collections to date,” says Liad Krispin, Head of adidas Trend & Lifestyle Marketing/US. “Never before has a project like this taken place where the collection is designed alongside developers to ensure that the product correctly represents the artist, their style and their artwork.”

The companies said that over a period of three days, the artists worked around the clock in a custom-built creative environment to produce the artwork for this distinctive collection. In gathering the artists together under one roof, adidas and Foot Locker created a new process in developing graffiti-based designs.

For their world-class workshop, adidas and Foot Locker gutted a large warehouse in East London's hip Spitalfields area, then remodeled the space to produce the ideal creative environment. Enormous white canvases and a full range of “tools of the trade” – spray paint cans, nozzles, markers, paint brushes and anything the artists could possibly need – was provided so they could focus on their craft. The remarkable results offer designs that embody the creativity, the collaborative spirit, and the artistic beauty envisioned by the End to End project.

“The bold styles on these classic silhouettes will resonate with our customers, who are always looking for new and innovative product designs,” said Jeanine Zocks, Vice President of Marketing, Foot Locker US. “We are excited to offer the adidas End to End collection to our customers worldwide.”