Adidas America Inc. on Wednesday said it laid off a small number of employees as part of a U.S. restructuring at its Portland headquarters but indicated that it still expects to see job growth in the U.S. this year.

The company issued the following statement, “Today adidas America, Inc. announced a restructuring of its organization in support of the launch of a new US business plan. This action will result in a net increase to employee headcount at the company’s Portland, Oregon headquarters. The purpose of this restructuring is to simplify the business, increase efficiency, prioritize resources and position the company for long-term growth and opportunity. While the company is ultimately creating more jobs, many of the new positions demand a different skill set and experience level, thereby requiring the company to release some employees and recruit new talent. Although these decisions are very difficult, the company is making the strategic moves necessary in order to not only maintain but increase market position.”

Adidas America spokeswoman Stephanie Von Allmen, speaking to, declined to divulge the specific number of job cuts, but said it would be fewer than the 60 jobs that will be added during the course of 2010. She said the company would release further details of the restructuring at a later date. The company employs 800 at its U.S. headquarters in North Portland.

Most of the jobs to be cut or relocated are in the company’s sales and marketing operation, Von Allmen said.