Active Network, the activity and event marketplace and data solutions provider, introduced the Activex app. Modeled after Active’s own award-winning employee wellness program, the app connects people based on similar health and activity interests and helps enable the achievement of their fitness goals. Designed to cater to a variety of activities, levels and goals, the Activex app includes built-in training modules, accountability and encouragement tools, customized high intensity, interval-based workouts and digital personal trainers.

Activex lets users build and organize their own active community. Unlike other fitness apps that focus on the individual, users can create activity groups through “packs.”  The pack tool facilitates the creation of supportive environments that encourage achievement among pack members. This allows for large groups of people to train together at the same time, even if they have different abilities and skill levels. Once part of a pack, members can organize training events, post articles or insightful tips from their own experiences and comment to celebrate other users’ successes.