Hyperice, Bombas, Ororo Wear, Blenders Eyewear, OrderMyGear, Sellmark Corp, Sparx Hockey, and Blink Fitness were among a number of companies in the active lifestyle space landing on the 2020 Inc. 5000, the magazine’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

The annual list is a snapshot of how well companies were performing in the period considered for the list, which for the latest ranking is 2016–2019.

Since it started publishing in 1979, Inc. magazine has been featuring companies with rapid revenue growth to showcase entrepreneurial success. Notable companies such as Zappos, Under Armour, Patagonia, and Peloton in the active space as well as well-established firms such as Microsoft, Dell, Yelp, Intuit, and Pandora have gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

The companies on this year’s list represent an average three-year growth rate of 165 percent, an astounding $209.7 billion in revenue and 582,000+ jobs.

A list of active-lifestyle companies making the list ranked by growth rate are as follows:

  • #53 – POP Fit Clothing, Las Vegas, NV-based seller of athleisure leggings and other athletic gear sized XXS – 4XL. 3-Year Growth Rate: 5,709 percent
  • #54 – Shady Rays, Simpsonville, KY-based seller of polarized shades; 3-Year Growth Rate: 5,683 percent
  • #55 – FASTer Way to Fat Loss, Largo, FL-based developer of fitness and nutrition programs and virtual workouts; 3-Year Growth Rate: 5,587 percent
  • #79 – Koia, Encinitas, CA-based manufacturer of plant-based protein drinks; 3-Year Growth Rate: 4,273 percent
  • #103 – Beachly, Oceanside, CA-based seller of beach apparel, accessories and lifestyle products through a subscription model; 3-Year Growth Rate: 3,367 percent
  • #114 – PNW Components, Seattle, WA-based manufacturer of bike parts; 3-Year Growth Rate: 3,167 percent
  • #158 – Organic Stride, St. Petersburg, FL-based manufacturer of health supplements; 3-Year Growth Rate: 2,455 percent
  • #213 – Ororo Wear (Langis), Las Vegas, NV-based maker of heated apparel and accessories; 3-Year Growth Rate: 2,035 percent
  • #220 – Hyperice, Irvine, CA-based manufacturer of vibrating massage devices, 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,985 percent
  • #224 – Blenders Eyewear, San Diego, CA-based manufacturer of sunglasses and snow goggles; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,966 percent
  • #235 – WOO! Tungsten, Oakland Park, FL-based maker of environmentally-friendly tungsten weights used for bass fishing, lure wraps, rod socks and apparel; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,867 percent
  • #245 – Stojo, Brooklyn, NY-based maker collapsible, and reusable drinking products; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,803 percent
  • #260 Fishing Online, New Brighton, PA-retailer of kayak fishing gear and related accessories; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,715 percent
  • #300 – Cubii (Fitness Cubed), Chicago, IL-based maker of the Cubii compact elliptical trainer; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,507 percent
  • #307 – Pop-A-Shot, Peoria-IL-based seller of the Pop-A-Shot arcade basketball game as well as the Home Dual Shot and Dual Shot Sports games; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,482 percent
  • #362 – Origin, Farmington, ME-based manufacturer of athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, footwear, and nutrition products; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,253 percent
  • #363 – Stretchlab Franchise, Costa Mesa, CA-based wellness concept offering customized assisted-stretch sessions in a group setting; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,253 percent
  • #410 – Burn Boot Camp, Cornelius, NC-operator of health and fitness boot camps with more than 260 locations in 38 states; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,123 percent
  • #432 – Exerscribe, Scottsdale, AZ-based maker of strength, fitness and recovery products; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,064 percent
  • #444 – D1 Training, a Franklin, TN-based operator of a training facility for amateur and professional athletes with over 27 locations and another 99 in development; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,030 percent
  • #447 – Body FX, Coral Gables, FL-provider of online fitness and exercise routines and seller of nutritional supplements; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,021 percent
  • #457 – Shefit, Hudsonville, MI-based manufacturer and online seller of sports bras; 3-Year Growth Rate: 1,001 percent
  • #567 – Stronger U Nutrition, New Windsor, NY-based provider of personalized nutrition coaching based on an individual’s lifestyle; 3-Year Growth Rate: 830 percent
  • #573 – Jonas Paul Eyewear, Grand Rapids, MI-based e-tailer of children’s glasses, teen glasses and kid’s sunglasses known for its at-home try on kits; 3-Year Growth Rate: 814 percent
  • #621 – WellPath, New York City-based e-tailer of supplements for health and weight control; 3-Year Growth Rate: 756 percent
  • #637 – Woom Bikes USA, Austin, TX-based maker of lightweight bikes for kids; 3-Year Growth Rate: 742 percent
  • #701 – Top Speed Golf, Lake Mary, FL-based developer of the Top Speed Golf system related to Pareto’s 80/20 principle; 3-Year Growth Rate: 669 percent
  • #789 – PRx Performance, Fargo, ND-based seller of fitness equipment, including a wall-mounted folding squat rack, accessories and apparel; 3-Year Growth Rate: 605 percent
  • #792 – Stone Glacier, Bozeman, MT-based manufacturer of mountaineering equipment, including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and technical apparel; 3-Year Growth Rate: 604 percent
  • #950 – OT Growth Partners, Chapel Hill, NC-operator of fitness studios; 3-Year Growth Rate: 490 percent
  • #990 – Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp, Santa Clarita, CA-operator of gyms with 9 locations that emphasize group fitness and support; 3-Year Growth Rate: 466 percent
  • #1,015 – Kettlebell Kings & Living.Fit, Austin-TX-based seller of kettlebell workout equipment and kettlebell workout programs; 3-Year Growth Rate: 455 percent
  • #1,050 – Club Pilates Franchise, Irvine, CA-based franchisor of fitness studios offering Pilates classes; 3-Year Growth Rate: 444 percent
  • #1,158 – Row House Franchise, Irvine, CA-based operator of a network of boutique indoor rowing studios; 3-Year Growth Rate: 391 percent
  • #1,170 – ASRV Sportswear, Carlsbad, CA-based maker of sportswear and training apparel designed; 3-Year Growth Rate: 387 percent
  • #1,197 – Sparx Hockey (Velasa Sports), Acton, MA-based manufacturer of the Sparx Skate Sharpener for hockey skates; 3-Year Growth Rate: 378 percent
  • #1,214 – Athletx Sports Group, Louisville, KY-based operator a youth sports event management and media company specializing in youth baseball and youth fastpitch softball; 3-Year Growth Rate: 371 percent
  • #1,236 – Intown Stars Gymnastics, Atlanta, GA-based gymnastics facility operator offering recreational and competitive team classes; 3-Year Growth Rate: 365 percent
  • #1,305 – Xero Shoes, Broomfield, CO-based manufacturer of flexible, lightweight shoes and sandals for outdoor and active use;  3-Year Growth Rate: 343 percent
  • #1,317 – Industry Threadworks, San Diego, CA-based provider of apparel production and logistics for clothing brands and other companies, including full turnkey service fulfillment and infrastructure packages; 3-Year Growth Rate: 339 percent
  • #1,370 – Volt Athletics, Seattle, WA-based workout app that builds personalized sports training programs; 3-Year Growth Rate: 326 percent
  • #1,550 – Gymguyz, Plainview, NY-based provider of personal in-home/office fitness training; 3-Year Growth Rate: 283 percent
  • #1,630 – Organifi, San Diego, CA-based maker of green juice and nutritional supplements; 3-Year Growth Rate: 263 percent
  • #2166 – CycleBar Franchising, Irvine, CA-based franchisor with over 200 indoor cycling studios; 3-Year Growth Rate: 195 percent
  • #2,304 – Everybodyfights, Boston-based operator of boxing gyms founded by George Foreman III; 3-Year Growth Rate: 182 percent
  • #2,392 – OrderMyGear, Dallas, TX-based company that connects teams, distributors and brands via a software program to order gear online; 3-Year Growth Rate: 174 percent
  • #2,439 – Proozy, Eagan, MN-based e-tailer of discount and clearance apparel, footwear and gear from brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Birkenstock, Reebok, Asics, and Adidas; 3-Year Growth Rate: 170 percent
  • #2,628 – Sportsdigita, Minneapolis, MN-based provider of sales software for the sports industry; 3-Year Growth Rate: 155 percent
  • #2,745 – Sender One Climbing, Santa Ana, CA-based operator of indoor rock climbing gyms in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA; 3-Year Growth Rate: 146 percent
  • #2,856 – Formulife, Allen, TX-based manufacturer of custom dietary supplements for the sports nutrition, health and wellness industry; 3-Year Growth Rate: 140 percent
  • #2,997 – Fit Hit, New York City-based owner of a boutique fitness studio offering self-defense and fitness workouts; 3-Year Growth Rate: 131 percent
  • #3,194 – MyLocker.com, Detroit-MI-based e-tailer of customized t-shirts and sweatshirts through mylocker.com and college apparel through Spiritshop.com; 3-Year Growth Rate: 120 percent
  • #3,213 – Simply Nutrition, Rockville, MD-based online seller of herbs, minerals, supplements, natural and organic products; 3-Year Growth Rate: 119 percent
  • #3,408 – Blink Fitness, New York City-based operator of gyms; 3-Year Growth Rate: 110 percent
  • #3,679 – Team Fitz Graphics, Cincinnati, OH-based provider of custom signs and graphics for the athletic industry; 3-Year Growth Rate: 99 percent
  • #3,735 – Camp Gladiator, Austin, TX-based operator of four-week outdoor fitness boot camp; 3-Year Growth Rate: 97 percent
  • #3,984 – Xyngular, Lehi, UT-based developer of nutritional supplements; 3-Year Growth Rate: 88 percent
  • #3,998 – Sellmark Corp., Mansfield, TX-based manufacturer of night vision, laser sights, boresights, thermal scopes, tactical scopes, first aid kits, AR scopes, and camping equipment through various outdoor brands; 3-Year Growth Rate: 88 percent
  • #4,241 – OP2 Labs, Grapevine, TX-based developer of hydrolyzed protein products for athletes under FrogFuel and ProT Gold; 3-Year Growth Rate: 80 percent
  • #4,358 – Corkcicle, the Orlando, FL-based maker of hydration vessels; 3-Year Growth Rate: 76 percent
  • #4,573 – Performance Plus Carts, Auburndale, FL-based e-tailer of golf carts, parts and accessories; 3-Year Growth Rate: 69 percent

Companies on the 2020 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2016 to 2019. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2016. They must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit and independent, not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies, as of December 31, 2019. (Since then, some on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2016 is $100,000; the minimum for 2019 is $2 million. Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons.

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