Acer will showcase the latest advancements to its e-mobility portfolio with the new ebii elite. The ebii series, featuring the flagship ebii and the new ebii elite, inherits the advanced AI features and design. The ebii elite maintains the minimalist design of the ebii with AI technology at its core. It also offers a broader range of accessories, including front and rear racks, improved acceleration and climbing capabilities, and is more suitable for diverse terrain and riding conditions. By introducing different models within the ebii series, the company can continue to meet the diverse lifestyle needs of its customers.

The ebii elite, Predator eNomad-R, Acer eNomad-R ST, Acer eCargo-M, Acer eCity-R, and Acer eUrban-R feature advanced tracking technology, ensuring cyclists that they can locate their e-bikes, enhancing overall security and convenience in various urban settings.

The Predator eNomad-R and Acer eNomad-R ST e-bikes are designed for urban use, featuring aluminum alloy frames, suspension fork designs and 20×4-inch fat tires for adaptability and safety across various terrains and paths within urban environments.

Acer will also showcase the Acer eCargo-M, an e-bike with a maximum load capacity of 230 kg and a low center of gravity. The front and rear racks are suited for carrying extra bags, while the extended rear rack can accommodate accessories, including child seats or surfboards; this also makes the Acer eCargo-M an ideal choice for family outings and offers particular safety benefits in scenarios like shopping alone or riding with kids.

The Acer eCity-R and Acer eUrban-R offer convenience for traveling city streets, and Acer’s e-scooter line includes the lightweight Acer ES Series 1 for daily commutes, the rAcer ES Series 5, the Predator ES Series 7 and Predator Extreme for outdoor enthusiasts.

Visit Acer’s booth (No. B06 in Hall 9.0) at Eurobike 2024 to see and learn more about its mobility solutions, or go here for more product information.

Image courtesy Acer