The Accel group has taken yet another step in consolidating the bicycle, bicycle parts, and accessories distribution market in Europe. Over the past year, Accel has acquired two Dutch bicycle distributors – Junker, and F. Van Buuren – as well as a German bicycle parts distributor – BikeParts. This latest deal will give Accell a second German company – Julius Holz GmbH & Co. in Munich, a firm trading in bicycles, bicycle parts and bicycle accessories.

“After the acquisition of the German company BikeParts in 2001 as a part of Winora, and the recent acquisitions of Juncker and Van Buuren, the acquisition of Julius Holz is a nice step forwards in the expansion of our trading in bicycle parts and accessories,” said René Takens, Chairperson of Accell Group. “We see advantages from this collaboration in areas such as logistics, portfolio management and purchasing.”

According to Accell, Julius Holz has a strong position in Southern Germany. This should open up a new market for Accell in the highly fragmented, and regionally brand-loyal European market. The acquisition will be financed from Accell Group's own resources.