aboutGolf has re-launched the original aboutGolf.com, announced aboutGolf CEO Bill Bales. aboutGolf, which has dedicated its entire 20-year history to golf, created the new Web site to put more information in the hands of the consumer.

“aboutGolf’s customers deserve to have access to Web sites that educate and empower them to make confident purchase decisions, and that are thoughtfully constructed, elegantly designed and sophisticated in their function,” says Lindsay Cathers, aboutGolf’s Director of Marketing. “The new aboutGolf.com meets all those requirements and we’re confident that with the information available on our new site, customers will see the aboutGolf difference.”

The re-launch of aboutGolf.com marks the initial stage of a phased enhancement to all of aboutGolf's Web sites. In addition to the re-launch of aboutGolf.com, aboutGolf also will launch future Web sites, including Henry-Griffits.com and 3Trak.com.

The re-launched aboutGolf.com will continually evolve to include more functionality and serve as a portal to keep new and existing customers up-to-date through abundant updates and features on all of aboutGolf’s industry innovations.

“We want the golf industry and golfers in general to embrace the possibilities that exist with the application of technology in golf,” Bales says. “Our products and our new Web site are steps toward accomplishing that goal. We want to make sure we provide the most meaningful content possible in support and appreciation of our current and future customers.”