American Athletic, Inc. (AAI), the leading U.S. manufacturer of gymnastics apparatus, announced a U.S. distribution partnership with AirTrack Factory, which specializes in air tight, inflatable products specifically designed for the world of elite sports training.
The new five year association brings two companies together with established histories of producing the highest quality training equipment together and will dramatically revolutionize the category.  AAI will now provide to U.S. elite gymnastics and cheer facilities the latest in air training equipment. The partnership will also result in AirTrack Factorys ability to distribute their complete line up of AirProducts immediately throughout the U.S. under the AirTrack Factory US brand distributed exclusively by American Athletic Inc.
This partnership signals AAIs ongoing commitment to provide the gymnastics, cheerleading and training category with the most innovative training and performance equipment in the marketplace today, said Steve Cook, AAI Sales Director.  Because AirTrack delivers the highest quality inflatable mats to elite facilities, top athletes and associations, this partnership catapults us further into empowering athletes with the best in class equipment/performance products.
AirTrack Factorys AirProducts are anything but the recreational bounce houses you see at your local county fair. For 25 years, AirTrack Factory has collaborated with top athletes and associations to deliver the highest quality inflatable mats to elite facilities.  It’s this commitment to working with the best and producing the best that has propelled AirTrack Factory to the top of the European inflatable market.
Dont be fooled, training on air will be extremely important in the future of both Gymnastics and Cheer, said Danny Gram, owner of AirTrack Factory U.S. “The last time equipment in this category was able to dramatically revolutionize the training processes and technique was the 1940’s with the introduction of the modern trampoline.  AirProducts absolutely have the ability to have that same effect again on Gymnastics and Cheer.”
Gram went on to say, Training on AirTracks and AirFloors offers several benefits classic training equipment cant deliver. It allows you to train safer, train longer, and train anywhere.  Tumbling on air is easier on an athlete’s body allowing for more repetitions and bigger skills.  With the ability to setup a mat within 5 minutes, you truly can turn any space into an elite training area instantly.

AAI is the chosen gymnastics equipment supplier for most major championships, including the Goodwill Games, the Pan American Games, the Special Olympics, the NCAA® Championships, various World Gymnastics Championships (2003, 1999, 1991, and 1979), and the 1996 and 1984 Olympic Games. Today, AAI is the official equipment supplier to USA Gymnastics®, an official supporter of the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, and an official partner to Taishan® Sports China.