In an internal memo, Tim Boyle, Columbia Sportswear CEO, blasted the Trump administration for its immigration policies, according to The Oregonian.

Boyle in the July 19 email initially noted that a long-planned visit from a key international customer had to be canceled because the federal government refused to grant the individual a visa. Boyle wrote. “The government knew the person was our business partner, that we fully supported the visit and depended on it to grow our business. But the fear that someone might be an ‘immigrant’ prevented a short trip to our sales meeting.”

Boyle said the “Send her back” controversy has significantly heightened the immigration dispute. Boyle wrote. “That kind of taunting language is far more extreme than the refusal to process a routine visa application, but there is a theme through both that should be unacceptable in any organization and certainly at the top of our government.”

Boyle reminded employees that his mother and co-founder, Gert Boyle, found refuge and welcome in the U.S. after fleeing Nazi Germany in 1937.

“Telling any citizen to ‘go back home’ is offensive,” he wrote. “This is home. Diversity is one of the great strengths of our global business, and it is important to be open and welcoming toward individuals with diverse backgrounds, including our colleagues and community members who are already here in the United States, as well as those who are a part of our global team.”