Riddell brought out Peyton Manning to star in a new documentary into its Precision-Fit process to support the launch of its first fully-customizable football helmet, Riddell Precision-Fit.

Riddell noted that this football season, marquee players across major college football and the NFL are sporting the helmet.

Precision-Fit is a state-of-the-art 3D head scanning process used to build a custom-fitting, player-specific helmet liner system. Players’ head shapes are as unique as a fingerprint, so the custom padding added to Riddell’s SpeedFlex model allows for maximum protection, comfort, and improved sightlines.

Riddell said the newly-introduced technology is the first step in Riddell’s commitment to developing position-specific and playing style-specific helmets over the next five years. NFL legend and brand ambassador Peyton Manning will be working closely with the company on all ongoing product development.

Photo courtesy Riddell