Fenix Outdoor announced that it has sold its Brunton business to two yet undisclosed employees of Brunton Outdoor, Inc. in the U.S.

Brunton is a manufacturer of equipment for navigation for professional users and consumers in the active outdoor space mainly in North America.

The company commented in a brief statement that “as the customer base is significantly different from Fenix Outdoors’ other brands, it is our belief that the brand can be developed better in a different ownership environment.“

The sale “will not have a significant impact on Fenix Outdoors’ financial key figures,” said the company.

Brunton was founded in 1894 by D.W. Brunton when he developed the “Pocket Transit” compass, an instrument still in use today by nature lovers, geologists, foresters, and other professionals. Brunton and its factory are located in Riverton, WY.

Fenix Outdoor had acquired Brunton in 2009 from Finland’s Fiskars which, in turn, had acquired Brunton indirectly when it acquired Silva, a Swedish company specializing in compasses and pedometers, three years earlier.

Photo courtesy Brunton