Lifeboat Events announced that effective Sept. 12, its  communications director and partner Christopher Zigmont has left the management team to free up capital for the B2B event planning company.

“As nearly everyone knows, partners Chris, Chad and I worked hard as a team to market, produce and run the PressCamp and DealerCamp events,” said Lifeboat Events President Lance Camisasca. “After completing its third year Lifeboat Events finds itself with an imbalance in veteran management level employees and the capital to reinvest into the brands moving forward, hence a full time communications position led by a an experienced business partner cannot be afforded. Although Chris’ creativity, energy and passion will be missed, we are confident in our ability to meet the needs of the industry moving forward.”

“It was fun while it lasted. I am extremely proud of the events we created on my watch. I support Lance and the team in their efforts to continue, meanwhile it is time for me to open my next chapter” remarked Zigmont.

Based in Laguna Niguel, CA., Lifeboat Events hosts trend-setting events for the bicycle industry, such as PressCamp DealerCamp, which brings together bicycle vendors, press and dealers for a week of testing and riding new bikes.