Zanders Sporting Goods, a national distributor located in Sparta, IL, has hired Lucas Poston as their new sales manager while promoting Danny Siegler to marketing director.

Poston is a 2009 graduate from McKendree University. After college, he worked for three years as a marketing representative for U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company. Before coming to Zanders, Lucas worked for six years as a sales representative for Swedish Match.

“After meeting with management, I felt there was a lot of opportunity for Zanders moving forward and I wanted to be a part of that future,” replied Lucas when asked what made him want to work for Zanders. “It is very rewarding as an employee to see the amount of resources your company is investing in technology as well as the team they have put together. Zanders has shown a commitment to their customer’s success, as well as their employee’s success. At Zanders, we’re always looking for innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs.”

Siegler graduated from McKendree University in 2008 with a degree in marketing. After graduating, he worked as a mortgage broker for Wells Fargo. Danny has worked for Zanders since 2014, most recently as their Sales Manager.

Siegler has a passion for the outdoor industry and knows the business side of it very well. He felt he could use this knowledge to help grow Zanders as a company.

“I knew Zanders was a family owned and operated company and knowing this made it very appealing,” remarked Siegler. “The work environment here is fantastic. Getting to work side by side with the owners of the company is something not everyone gets to do and I value it very much. I feel that my new role with Zanders is something that’s going to bring out the best in me and be very beneficial for both the company and myself. Getting to use my creativity and knowledge of the industry will be very rewarding.”